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Rachele Basler


Business Manager/HR Manager

Did You Know?

Rachele is our super star!! As a local artist, Rachele writes and perform music across a wide range of genres. She performs R&B, Pop and Hip Hop/Rap music with local musicians and has released her CD called “Chasing Dreams.” She tested her hand at stardom and auditioned for American Idol in 2013!!!

“The world is as big as you make it.” Rachele is a New Orleans native who has spent her career focusing on the people she works with, mentoring the talent that works for her and challenging people to deliver more than they think they can. This has been evident from the time she started overseeing and managing national real estate markets throughout the United States.

SHARPER INSIGHTS: Rachele has spent more than 13 years making a significant impact within the real estate industry. Rachele’s expertise is with business management in the oversight of all aspects of large commercial assets, managing clients and business projects. Most recently, Rachele has taken on the role of Business Manager/HR Manager with Carter Law Group, LLC.

SUSTAINABLE RESULTS: Rachele’s reputation as a leader in managing companies and their staff through significant growth and transformation has been well noted throughout her career. She continues to motivate and inspire the people she works with every day. If you are unable to reach any of our attorneys, please contact Rachele directly for assistance. She is so very excited to come on board!

Louisiana Salesperson License 2013
CAM Designation – NAA 2013
COS Designation – NCHM 2007, 2015